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At Sherry Downs Agency, our business is to help you stay successful with yours. Our priority is to deliver the safest, most reliable transportation and logistics services in the market. And our capabilities are second to none. Contact us today to find out more.

Name: Sherry Downs 
Title: Business Development
Phone: (888) 499-2498
Fax: 503-867-8531
E-Mail: ddowns@d2dtl.com

Name: Bill Brown 
Title: Business Development
Phone: 503-342-8579
Fax: 503-928-5032
Mobile: 509-579-9895
E-Mail: bbrown@d2dtl.com

Name: Jeff Fraijo 
Title: Operations Manager
Phone: 503-342-8532
Fax: 503-867-8559
Mobile: 503-826-7441
E-Mail: jfraijo@d2dtl.com

Name: Candie Fraijo 
Title: Operations
Phone: 503-342-4305
Fax: 503-867-8555
Mobile: 503-826-7442
E-Mail: cfraijo@d2dtl.com

Name: Ryan Mainella 
Title: Operations
Phone: 503-342-8541
Fax: 503-867-8576
Mobile: 503-826-7421
E-Mail: rmainella@d2dtl.com

Name: Mike Stacy 
Title: Customer Service
Phone: 503-342-8578
Fax: 503-928-5025
Mobile: 503-826-7425
E-Mail: mstacy@d2dtl.com

Name: Jay Heckart 
Title: Customer Service
Phone: 503-342-8629
Fax: 503-928-5035
Mobile: 503-826-7447
E-Mail: jheckart@d2dtl.com

Name: Drew Heckart 
Title: Customer Service
Phone: 503-342-8638
Fax: 503-928-5086
Mobile: 503-826-7448
E-Mail: dheckart@d2dtl.com

Name: Tom Embody 
Title: Field Operations
Phone: 503-342-8662
Mobile: 503-826-7458
E-Mail: tembody@d2dtl.com